Servan Keondjian

Servan has been at the forefront of 3D graphics technology for over 20 years.

His first 3D engine RealityLab was bought by Microsoft, Servan went on to become development Lead for Direct3D, an integral part of Microsoft’s DirectX.

Servan is also passionate about the social potential of cryptocurrencies, following their technical developments since the emergence of Bitcoin.

inSpace is built on technology which Servan has been developing over the last decade.

David Holme

David has 20 years of corporate strategy and operational experience gained advising many blue chip and start up companies as well as co-founding and running an investment fund.

David helped Servan develop the vision for inSpace over many cups of coffee and runs everything apart from tech development.

David raised the funding to enable inSpace to develop its prototype 3D browsing technology for 2D and 3D zooming spaces

David is a graduate of Oxford and INSEAD.

Saman Gerami

Saman studied computer science at the University of Warwick. After graduating he discovered the Earthsim project Servan was developing and was so inspired he joined the development team.

Saman worked on multiple components of Earthsim including the 3D universe browsing technology. He then moved over to prototyping the inSpace 3D browser framework.

Saman heads up server development and API design as well as leading the web client for inSpace.

Dave Virapen

Dave studied software engineering at Imperial College before going on to work at Sony Computer Entertainment on the PS1 and PS2 game consoles.

On meeting Servan and discovering they had a similar vision of developing 3D engines, Dave left Sony and went to work with Servan, heading up console development of the ‘Q’ 3D engine.

At inSpace Dave leads the development of the cross-platform sync client, which includes working on the cryptocurrency wallet and the 3D engine for high-performance viewing of 3D spaces.

Dave is currently integrating the 3D inSpace prototype into the sync client, aiming to be ready for the beta release.