The inSpace project is in active development. The code is live on our github page here.

inSpace alpha release: ICO & EOS test net

  • iScoin EOS based crypto currency deployed to EOS main network.
    • inSpace coin distribution process.
    • stake iScoin and receive a percentage of the boost distribution.
    • upgrade storage using iScoin.
  • EOS based social network features.
    • Social features running on the inSpace EOS test network using a mirror coin. This mirror will take a weekly snapshot of the status of the live iScoin EOS main network.
    • Search and find users on a p2p EOS userbase.
    • Build a friend network and build groups of friends.
    • Publish and share content to friends (limited friend group functionality for alpha).
    • like content on inSpace using iScoin.
    • Receive a payout if your content makes it into the weekly top 100 liked content.
  • File encryption
  • ZUI improvements during alpha program
    • bring over all features that were well received and completed testing in the closed beta of the inSpace ZUI.
    • initial version of pin boards and styles.
    • improved performance.
    • graphical/layout features, trees, grids and enhanced constraints for free force layouts.
    • if things go well some early 3D layout features can be enabled later in the alpha program.
  • Mobile updates during alpha program.
    • sync client iOS appstore submission and release.
    • sync client Android release.
Q2 Feb 2019

inSpace Beta: 3D engine & live EOS social front end

  • inSpace social features deployed onto the EOS main network and upgrade iScoin to interact directly with the social features. The dev team is also considering a fork to EOS so end users only need to use one type of coin within the ecosystem. A fork would additionally enable block producers to become storage providers for inSpace.
  • Enhanced force graph (initial 2D layout system) & Optimized interface for mobile.
    • Tagging content to dynamically change zooming layouts.
      • Add tags to any content node and set visual clustering rules.
      • Group any content spatially by types and tags to enable powerful data visualization for layouts.
    • Dynamic search on zooming layouts.
      • Zoom into layout zone containing search matches and refine your search visually.
    • 3D interface features start to go live through the beta program.
Q4 2019

inSpace 1.0

  • Complete 2D zooming interface on all clients.
  • Complete 3D zooming interface and layout on all clients, 3D interface seamlessly integrated with 2D view, 2D becomes a clean subset of the 3D view.
  • Open plugin API for 3rd party data visualizers for custom local content.
  • Open plugin API for 3rd party data visualizers for custom web streamed content.
  • All serious usability issue fixed.
release Q4 2020