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inSpace Desktop release 3 – November 2014

WebViewer_250_250 Over the last few months we have proven some exciting features for inSpace. These features now give us the confidence to rename our concept to the “inSpace Desktop”, and shows the first steps to wards our vision of the future of how we will interact with computers in the future. As development progresses our desktop will become increasingly functional and relevant to users as a general purpose share-able desktop, media viewer and presentation tool.

Web Viewer

We have integrated the Chromium open source web browser into our desktop which allows users to bookmark web pages in their webSpace and view / navigate them as you would with any normal web browser. Web links can be easily copied and pasted into any selected webSpace node in order to set you up.

3D Model Viewer

We have begun to integrate high quality 3D content into the desktop. Currently our interface browses untextured 3D print models in STL and OBJ formats. These files need to be uploaded to our servers via our web portal <> < <>> before they can be viewed and shared in webSpace.

Configuring webSpace Layout

We have started the work required to configure the structure of webSpace in real time using drag and drop although this is still very much work in progress. As well as the above, we have been working hard to iron out bugs and make our core platform more and more resilient and faster. Our current release allows webSpace to be smoothly navigated with a high degree of concurrent object loads.

Work for the next update

We hope to have another update our before Christmas. This will include more work on drag and drop as well as our permissioning system which allows you to safely share things with your friends, publicly or keep private.