Here is a list of the features we are putting into inSpace

inSpace Features

  • inSpace website
    • Sign in using an EOS identity
    • Upload and download files with encryption on all files by default
    • Search & connect to other users over an EOS p2p userbase
    • Build a friend network and build groups of friends
    • Share files to public or private friend groups, comment, like and monetize with isCoin
  • Sync client: Files can be synced across the following platforms.
    • Windows, OSX, iOS, Android
  • View and layout your files in a Zoomable 2D or 3D ‘filespace’
    • File tree view, place files and folders in spatial location
    • Add notes and styling markup
    • Specify layout rules and tag data to enhance the visualization of large amounts of files
      • Searching and layout rules create a dynamic data view of your filetree