• A decentralized open source platform to upload, store, layout and share your files in spatial maps called ‘spaces’.
  • inSpace is powered by a crypto currency called isCoin, which rewards content you like.
  • File storage is encrypted and IPFS based
  • The social front end runs on EOS.
an inSpace spatial layout


inSpace aims to break away from traditional interface designs and pioneer using a form of zooming ‘spatial’ (2D or 3D) interface.

Upload and store your files and access them via a cross platform sync client, layout your files in a ‘space’, then share your files as posts to your friends and and community.

The 3D zooming videos on the header of this site are from the prototype 3D engine we used to prove the viability of spatial interfaces in a social network setting. From this work, and from our work on 2D versions we know how much is possible. We have an exciting road map to deliver a truly next generation interface and we hope you will support us in our goals.


The inSpace alpha will coincide with the iScoin ICO and support the most basic version of features, spaces will be 2D, and support limited layouts, the sync client will also be in its basic form. More features will be added through the alpha program


The inSpace beta will add the 3D engine making the interface truly spatial. Additional 2D and 3D layouts and layout tools for your content will be added through the beta program enabling you to fully customise the ‘inSpaces’ you create with your content.

For a more detailed breakdown of the features and road map, go to the road map section of this site.


isCoin is received by all content posts that receive “likes” from other users that hold isCoins.

Additionally holders of isCoin who ‘stake’ their coins receive a regular payout. This rewards long term holders and supports community users by making iScoin attractive to investors outside of the inSpace ecosystem. For more details on the ICO or isCoin itself check out the isCoin site.