The inSpace project is in active development. Much of the code is live on our github page here. If you prefer to see the list of the features inSpace aims to support goto the features page here

Development Roadmap

inSpace pre-alpha running on EOS

  • An inSpace website, where you sign in using your inSpace account, and then provide an EOS identity via Scatter. The Filespace EOS contract stores an index of all folders.
  • The web client can fetch your Filespace tree from IPFS, display it as a force graph
  • Upload and download files to the inSpace IPFS node.
  • Cross platform Sync clients working on the EOS IPFS node.
    • Files can be synced across the following platforms.
      • Windows
      • OSX
      • iOS
      • Android
in progress, released June 2018

inSpace alpha release

  • iScoin EOS based crypto. Starting the inSpace coin distribution process
  • File encryption
  • Running on the release EOS mainnet
  • Fixed essential issues raised against the pre-alpha
  • Enhanced 2D zooming renderer
    • improved performance
    • new graphical/layout features
  • Mobile
    • iOS appstore submission and release
    • Android release
in progress, release Q3 2018

inSpace Beta 1

  • Enhanced force graph (initial 2D layout system) & Optimized interface for mobile
    • Tagging content to dynamically change zooming layouts
    • Search on zooming layouts
release H1 2019

inSpace Beta 2

  • Full featured 2D zooming interface system for web client
  • Full featured 2D zooming interface system on windows/OSX
  • Alpha 2D zooming interface system on mobile
release Q1 2020

inSpace 1.0

  • Complete 2D zooming interface on all clients
  • Alpha version 3D zooming interface and layout on all clients
  • All serious usability issue fixed
release Q4 2020